Our Business

Professional Search

We receive your job vacancy and advertise using different channels. We build up a database of applicants and offer them to you.

Executive Search

This is a highly focused and specific search of a skilled and experienced employee.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We take over the end-to-end recruitment process from you.

Skills Development

We assist you in completing and submitting your Work Place Skills Plan (WSP) and your Annual Training Report (ATR).

Employment Equity

We assist you with the drafting of your Employment Equity Plan, the analysis and submission of the reports.

Candidate Verification Checks

We offer over 40 Verification Checks, all from a single, convenient interface at cost effective rates.


Staffing Solutions is a professional recruitment agency specialising in a broad range of sectors throughout South Africa.

Quality of Service

Staffing Solutions is BEE recognition Level Two and members of APSO, we ensure the highest quality is delivered with all our services.

Access to different talent pools

Staffing Solutions accesses all available talent pools through regular advertisements and utilising social media.

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